About DayZ Origins

DayZ Origins is a balanced pvp and survival server where we focus on keeping the experience fun and toxicity free. The server has a lot of customisation for quality of life improvements while maintaining the vanilla experience. Created by DayZ veterans, designed for players of all experience levels.


  • DayZOriginsMod
  • Munghards itempack
  • Docs_Weapon_Pack_Standalone
  • MuchStuffPack
  • Ear Plugs
  • [Remastered] Arma Weapon Pack
  • WindstrideClothing
  • Airdrop-Upgraded
  • BuilderItems
  • Advanced Weapon Scopes
  • CJ187-MoreItems
  • List item
  • Summer_Chernarus
  • Community Online Tools
  • Mass’sManyItemOverhaul
  • VanillaPlusPlusMap
  • Modular Vest System
  • CodeLock
  • Community Framework
  • Breachingcharge
  • BuildAnywhere_v3

Where do my voluntary donations go to?

We keep your voluntary donation in our PayPal account, and we use them for the following purposes:

– paying the bills on the server cost/rent/power

– looking into upgrading the server

– advertising our server on Reddit/Facebook and such

What kind of perks am I offered as a donator?

You will not get anything other, no extra content or no extra benefits, just the role of donator will be appointed to you (if you like) so it shows in our Discord.