Do you remember how it all began

You’ve made it to DayZ Origins, and to start off with a popular question, ‘Are you guys the old Origins with Taviana map and stuff?’, sorry but nope.

DayZ Origins is founded by a group of long time players that decided they missed the old style of DayZ. So we set up our own server with our own configuration, and it seems more of you missed this.

What makes DayZ Origins Different?

Guns can spawn in gunracks

You know those little army gunracks around the map in those military locations?

This gives you the possibility to get a nice start as a freshie. It will not spawn high tier weapons but still might help you get geared a bit sooner than expected.

Cans of soda in vending machines

Remember those vending machines in the city Police Departments, Hospitals and Firestations?

What if they actually worked? Oh wait, they do!

They can spawn sodacans of Pipsi to help you not dying from hunger and thirst.

Check them out if you’re in need.

Paint your improvised rag clothing

Want to stroll around but not as a white mummy, but you prefer to be a green forest mummy? Just spray paint the improvised rag clothing and you’ll be unnoticeable in the bushes.

Wanted to be a ninja since childhood? Live out your dream and paint your rag clothing black! Sword not included.